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Prepare2/Prepara2 Program

The new Prepare2 program from the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families (CHCF) targets all Bronx HS of Business students who are Spanish-speaking and in the process of learning the English language.Students  will have the opportunity to develop their career and college readiness skills and support their ELL peers through the high school process.

This program has the following phases:
Phase 1 :Students will focus on their English language development skills through a 40-hour Coursera course at the University of Pennsylvania titled "English for Professional Development". Students will be compensated for their time in the course.
Phase 2: 10 students in the program will use the skills they learned in the 40-hour training program to support their ELL peers with language skills and professional development skills through various workshops and 1:1 sessions with their staff. They will be tutoring groups composed of 5 students each. They will meet with their group of students for 144 hours in total, focusing on attendance, connection and credit accrual throughout the Taft campus.
During phases 1 and 2: Guest speakers and facilitation groups will partner to organize professional development workshops on various topics with students to develop their leadership and socio-emotional development skills as they progress through the program.
Students responsibilities: 
1. Comply with the program contract
2. Help the CHCF office with 2 hours of Community Service per week to help parents and connect them with resources in the community.
3 Participate in 40 hours of virtual professional development training through Coursera specifically for English language students, where they will learn how to find a job, how to write a resume, and how to develop their networking skills while developing their English language skills.
4.Be available and meet 144 hours by tutoring for success 5 other English language learning students.
5. Attend 5 mandatory professional development sessions (all day) throughout the program with facilitators hired to develop your communication skills, socio-emotional skills and interpersonal skills.
6. The applicant shall NOT miss classes, arrive too late for school or misbehave in any way that hinders his or her chances of continuing to be part of that program.
7. Participate in extracurricular activities organized by the school.